The Wharf at Teddington Lock Wedding Photography – Laura & Paul

The Wharf at Teddington Lock Wedding Photography – Laura & Paul

The Wharf at Teddington Lock Wedding Photography// I headed down to Teddington in London for my final wedding of 2014 and it was an absolute corker!!

The ridiculously good looking pair of Laura & Paul had the perfect weather for their winter wedding and it was an absolute joy and privelege to both photograph their big day and also share the dancefloor with them later on! Here are a few images when we took advantage of a beautiful sunset and went for a walk along a stretch of The River Thames, before heading to their reception at The Wharf at Teddington Lock..

Laura & Paul-1 Laura & Paul-8 Laura & Paul-12 Laura & Paul-25 Laura & Paul-46 Laura & Paul-51 Laura & Paul-52 Laura & Paul-54 Laura & Paul-58 Laura & Paul-62 Laura & Paul-67 Laura & Paul-70 Laura & Paul-74 Laura & Paul-77 Laura & Paul-81 Laura & Paul-85 Laura & Paul-86 Laura & Paul-91 Laura & Paul-92 Laura & Paul-94 Laura & Paul-99 Laura & Paul-106 Laura & Paul-108 Laura & Paul-114 Laura & Paul-125 Laura & Paul-136 Laura & Paul-142 Laura & Paul-145 Laura & Paul-148 Laura & Paul-152 Laura & Paul-160 Laura & Paul-177 Laura & Paul-189 Laura & Paul-196 Laura & Paul-216 Laura & Paul-229 Laura & Paul-276 Laura & Paul-279 Laura & Paul-285 Laura & Paul-288 Laura & Paul-289 Laura & Paul-294 Laura & Paul-301 Laura & Paul-307 Laura & Paul-308 Laura & Paul-315 Laura & Paul-321 Laura & Paul-326 Laura & Paul-331 Laura & Paul-336Laura & Paul-342 Laura & Paul-347 Laura & Paul-356 Laura & Paul-371 Laura & Paul-378 Laura & Paul-394 Laura & Paul-402 Laura & Paul-416 Laura & Paul-420 Laura & Paul-426 Laura & Paul-449 Laura & Paul-451 Laura & Paul-466 Laura & Paul-470 Laura & Paul-532 Laura & Paul-538 Laura & Paul-560 Laura & Paul-590 Laura & Paul-626 Laura & Paul-637 Laura & Paul-645 Laura & Paul-661 Laura & Paul-671 Laura & Paul-676 Laura & Paul-708 Laura & Paul-733 Laura & Paul-738

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