The Villa Wrea Green Wedding Photography – Sarah & Carla

The Villa Wrea Green Wedding Photography – Sarah & Carla

The Villa Wrea Green Wedding Photography// Some of the leading North West Wedding Folk (and great mates of mine) joined forces for Sarah & Carla’s big day at The Villa Wrea Green with two stunning dresses, an Amanda Wyatt dress supplied by the very lovely Charlotte at Lottie’s Bridal Boutique and the other from The Dressing Room. The amazing flowers came courtesy of the team at Flower Design and jaw dropping room decoration came from the brilliant Add a Little Sparkle. It didn’t stop there as evening entertaining was taken care of by The Mighty Boof! and Simply Disco.

It was one of the most romantic days EVER and I am so proud that not only did I get to photograph this amazing wedding, but I now have two amazing friends that I know are just simply made for each other…

Sarah & Carla-3

Sarah’s AMAZING Amanda Wyatt dress from Lottie’s Bridal Boutique

Sarah & Carla-9 Sarah & Carla-12 Sarah & Carla-17 Sarah & Carla-38 Sarah & Carla-39 Sarah & Carla-45

Carla’s stunning dress from The Dressing Room

Sarah & Carla-52 Sarah & Carla-60 Sarah & Carla-67 Sarah & Carla-72 Sarah & Carla-78

Beautiful bouquets from the brilliant team at Flower Design

Sarah & Carla-95 Sarah & Carla-103

Probably one of the coolest ways to travel on your wedding day, a VW camper supplied by Little Limos…

Sarah & Carla-108 Sarah & Carla-116 Sarah & Carla-121 Sarah & Carla-122 Sarah & Carla-134 Sarah & Carla-141 Sarah & Carla-145 Sarah & Carla-159 Sarah & Carla-161 Sarah & Carla-165 Sarah & Carla-168 Sarah & Carla-171 Sarah & Carla-172 Sarah & Carla-178 Sarah & Carla-187 Sarah & Carla-195 Sarah & Carla-196 Sarah & Carla-207 Sarah & Carla-210 Sarah & Carla-213 Sarah & Carla-220 Sarah & Carla-226 Sarah & Carla-231 Sarah & Carla-247 Sarah & Carla-255 Sarah & Carla-270 Sarah & Carla-276 Sarah & Carla-288 Sarah & Carla-296 Sarah & Carla-297 Sarah & Carla-298 Sarah & Carla-300 Sarah & Carla-303 Sarah & Carla-312 Sarah & Carla-333

Both Add a Little Sparkle & Flower Design did an amazing job in dressing the room, I heard so many guests whispering ‘wow..’ under their breath as they walked in…




Sarah & Carla-336 Sarah & Carla-341 Sarah & Carla-344 Sarah & Carla-355 Sarah & Carla-379 Sarah & Carla-387 Sarah & Carla-400 Sarah & Carla-432 Sarah & Carla-437 Sarah & Carla-439 Sarah & Carla-444 Sarah & Carla-451 Sarah & Carla-465 Sarah & Carla-472 Sarah & Carla-483 Sarah & Carla-485 Sarah & Carla-498 Sarah & Carla-506 Sarah & Carla-514 Sarah & Carla-518 Sarah & Carla-521

The The Mighty Boof! were superb… as always!!

Sarah & Carla-523 Sarah & Carla-535 Sarah & Carla-538 Sarah & Carla-543 Sarah & Carla-549 Sarah & Carla-550 Sarah & Carla-575 Sarah & Carla-577

And I had to stick around for the sparkler send off!!

Sarah & Carla-585 Sarah & Carla-586


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