Singleton Lodge Wedding Photography – Dionne & Phil

Singleton Lodge Wedding Photography – Dionne & Phil

Singleton Lodge Wedding Photography// Singleton Lodge was the venue for Dionne & Phils brilliant big day and a few drops of rain did nothing to dampen the mood which was full of love, laughter, beautiful doves (courtesy of ‘Little Dove Tails‘) and a giant jenga!! I teamed back up with my awesome friends and local legends Sonara Parker Makeup Artist , Dreamcatcher Bridal WearCreative Cover Hire and the incredible Flower Design and had such a superb day!!

Check out Phil’s advice and recommendations from his most special day…

“Our contact at Singleton Lodge was Joanne Dawson, the in house wedding co ordinator. She was extremely helpful and easy to talk to, understanding our needs and requirements and acting on them in a swift and professional manner – she was sooooo helpful on the big day itself too, helping with so many things from the most obvious to the smallest of details and even trotting alongside Dee with an umbrella as she made her way from the dressing room to the front door so that her hair wasn’t spoiled, bless her”.

Dionne & Phil-5 Dionne & Phil-10 Dionne & Phil-15 Dionne & Phil-16

Dionne & Phil-23

Dionne & Phil-26 Dionne & Phil-27

“A special mention has to got to the wonderful Sonara Parker Makeup Artist and Flower Design  from start to finish they both were simply amazing at what they did and exceeded our expectations..”

Dionne & Phil-30

Dionne & Phil-40 Dionne & Phil-45 Dionne & Phil-47 Dionne & Phil-48 Dionne & Phil-49 Dionne & Phil-50 Dionne & Phil-56 Dionne & Phil-57 Dionne & Phil-58

“Now  to the star of the show – my beautiful wife Dionne and her fantastiche dress. This came from Dreamcatcher in Wesham and was made by the designer Essence of Australia. Dee had her initial appointment with the shop and came away immediately deciding that this was the place for her and she had found her perfect dress. She ordered it on the spot and then as the months ticked by she had two fitting sessions to ensure everything was as it should be – I was blown away as I turned to look down the aisle and saw Dionne in that dress, my chest literally tightened as i saw how beautiful she looked so the ladies at Dreamcatcher should be credited too for helping in such a big way.”

Dionne & Phil-61

Dionne & Phil-63 Dionne & Phil-66 Dionne & Phil-70 Dionne & Phil-72

“During the ceremony & reception drinks we had Maxine Molin Rose playing the harp. She has a true versatile and eclectic range of music and we were again really pleased that she could play a couple of our favourite rock classics such as “Nothing else matters” by Metallica and “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zep as part of the ceremony as well as my personal fave “the love theme from The Godfather” as we signed the register (while I whispered to Dee in a mock gangster tone “Your one of the family now” he he).

Dionne & Phil-84 Dionne & Phil-90 Dionne & Phil-96 Dionne & Phil-107 Dionne & Phil-109 Dionne & Phil-127 Dionne & Phil-129 Dionne & Phil-130 Dionne & Phil-139Dionne & Phil-148 Dionne & Phil-160

“The giant games we had in the playroom for the kids were provided by CJ Tazz at a very reasonable price and proved invaluable in keeping little people amused for such a long day..”

Dionne & Phil-175

“The doves were supplied by Little Dove Tails. She invited us to her house to view and hold the doves before we booked them, so that we could decide if we definitely wanted them – she was really informative and welcoming too and we were so pleased that everything went without a hitch when they were released – the girls too were so proud to have helped in that respect and their little faces in the photos are a joy to behold.”

Dionne & Phil-195 Dionne & Phil-200 Dionne & Phil-212

“The only other people we can think of to mention are the folk who covered the chairs for us – Creative Cover Hire, they did a great job too – even popping a little colour matched sash around our nephew Calvin’s high chair too which was a nice touch.” 

Dionne & Phil-219 Dionne & Phil-231 Dionne & Phil-238 Dionne & Phil-274 Dionne & Phil-280 Dionne & Phil-303 Dionne & Phil-306 Dionne & Phil-307 Dionne & Phil-315 Dionne & Phil-318 Dionne & Phil-325 Dionne & Phil-328 Dionne & Phil-332 Dionne & Phil-333 Dionne & Phil-335 Dionne & Phil-337 Dionne & Phil-340 Dionne & Phil-339

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