The Grand Hotel Wedding Photography – Alison & Joe

The Grand Hotel Wedding Photography – Alison & Joe

The Grand Hotel Wedding Photography// Alison & Joe are one of those incredible couples whose personalities are just infectious. You know that when you’re with them you are guaranteed to have LOADS of fun, so their wedding day was always going to be that – and more..! Alison looked stunning in her gown from The Bridal Lounge along with hair & make up from the talented team at Ego Hair, Nails & Beauty – not forgetting Joe and all his ‘best team’ who looked very dashing in their suits (and kilt) from Slaters Menswear. Once again I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with the brilliant Jane & Jason from Flower Design as well as Dawn from Creative Cover Hire. After the ceremony was complete at The White Church, everyone headed over to The Grand Hotel in Lytham St Annes to have (as always) the most amazing food & drink, and in the evening guests were captured in cartoon form by Shawn at Party Caricatures when they weren’t doing their thing on the busy dance floor. All in all, an absolutely perfect wedding day for both bride, groom and all their guests..

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