Graythwaite Wedding Photography – Jennifer & Tristan

Graythwaite Wedding Photography – Jennifer & Tristan

Graythwaite Silverholme Manor – Wedding Photography// When we had so much fun on Jen & Tristans pre wedding shoot down in London, I knew their day was going to be that and THEN some!! Tristan – the quintessential British Gent and Jennifer the english rose, where else would they have their day than a Manor house in the hills of the Lake District with their marque overlooking Lake Windermere. Karen Rhodes Weddings & Events did such a superb job with organising, staffing as well as the phenomenal food, and my great friends at Flower Design once again created some jaw dropping flowers and centre pieces..

Check out some of the images I captured of their amazing day, which started off for the boys by getting a traditional turkish shave…

Jen & Tristan-2 Jen & Tristan-3 Jen & Tristan-7 Jen & Tristan-8 Jen & Tristan-16 Jen & Tristan-21

Jason from Flower Design was there bright and early to make sure everything was perfect well in time for when the guests arrive…

Jen & Tristan-23 Jen & Tristan-28 Jen & Tristan-32 Jen & Tristan-42 Jen & Tristan-44 Jen & Tristan-48 Jen & Tristan-58 Jen & Tristan-60

Jason unavailing the beautiful bouquets…

Jen & Tristan-64 Jen & Tristan-74 Jen & Tristan-77 Jen & Tristan-78 Jen & Tristan-80 Jen & Tristan-85 Jen & Tristan-88 Jen & Tristan-90 Jen & Tristan-96 Jen & Tristan-100 Jen & Tristan-104 Jen & Tristan-105 Jen & Tristan-113 Jen & Tristan-131 Jen & Tristan-132 Jen & Tristan-145 Jen & Tristan-147 Jen & Tristan-154 Jen & Tristan-162 Jen & Tristan-165 Jen & Tristan-170 Jen & Tristan-177 Jen & Tristan-179 Jen & Tristan-185 Jen & Tristan-190 Jen & Tristan-191 Jen & Tristan-192 Jen & Tristan-194 Jen & Tristan-198 Jen & Tristan-200 Jen & Tristan-208 Jen & Tristan-213 Jen & Tristan-227 Jen & Tristan-237 Jen & Tristan-242 Jen & Tristan-245 Jen & Tristan-246 Jen & Tristan-255 Jen & Tristan-257 Jen & Tristan-262 Jen & Tristan-268 Jen & Tristan-270 Jen & Tristan-272 Jen & Tristan-273 Jen & Tristan-276 Jen & Tristan-283 Jen & Tristan-296 Jen & Tristan-300 Jen & Tristan-303 Jen & Tristan-307 Jen & Tristan-308 Jen & Tristan-311 Jen & Tristan-315 Jen & Tristan-320 Jen & Tristan-321 Jen & Tristan-328 Jen & Tristan-335 Jen & Tristan-341 Jen & Tristan-348 Jen & Tristan-354 Jen & Tristan-356 Jen & Tristan-368 Jen & Tristan-372 Jen & Tristan-383 Jen & Tristan-400 Jen & Tristan-402 Jen & Tristan-413 Jen & Tristan-416 Jen & Tristan-418 Jen & Tristan-424 Jen & Tristan-430 Jen & Tristan-431 Jen & Tristan-442 Jen & Tristan-445 Jen & Tristan-450 Jen & Tristan-485 Jen & Tristan-497 Jen & Tristan-517 Jen & Tristan-525 Jen & Tristan-528 Jen & Tristan-536 Jen & Tristan-551 Jen & Tristan-558 Jen & Tristan-570 Jen & Tristan-572 Jen & Tristan-587 Jen & Tristan-592 Jen & Tristan-601 Jen & Tristan-611 Jen & Tristan-617 Jen & Tristan-624 Jen & Tristan-629 Jen & Tristan-630

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