Destination Wedding Photography, Marbella – Lara & Anthony

Destination Wedding Photography, Marbella – Lara & Anthony

Destination Wedding Photography, Marbella// Lara & Anthony’s wedding in Marbella was simply stunning! We had an opportunity to head to Puerto Banús the night before for their pre wedding shoot which was just superb before heading to their Villa in the mountains the following morning to begin celebrations! Anthony & his groomsman started the day in the pool, while Lara was having her hair & make up done allowing the phenomenal team from FiestaSol Weddings & Catering to decorate the villa beautifully and prepare the most amazing feast for later on. Deseos Florist delivered the wedding bouquets so it was time for the perfectly, personal ceremony overlooking the lake and in thirty degree heat, the cocktails flowed perfectly during the drinks reception! After my top buddy ortoPilot did his thing during the meal before everyone hit the dance floor and eventually the pool (including me!!).

Here are a selection of images from their Marbella adventure starting with the pre wedding shoot the night before..

Lara & Anthony-1

Lara & Anthony-1 Lara & Anthony-4 Lara & Anthony-9 Lara & Anthony-12 Lara & Anthony-17 Lara & Anthony-19 Lara & Anthony-22 Lara & Anthony-27 Lara & Anthony-30 Lara & Anthony-31 Lara & Anthony-33 Lara & Anthony-40 Lara & Anthony-56 Lara & Anthony-59 Lara & Anthony-61 Lara & Anthony-63 Lara & Anthony-70 Lara & Anthony-73 Lara & Anthony-79 Lara & Anthony-82 Lara & Anthony-89 Lara & Anthony-96 Lara & Anthony-104 Lara & Anthony-106 Lara & Anthony-107 Lara & Anthony-112 Lara & Anthony-114 Lara & Anthony-119 Lara & Anthony-126 Lara & Anthony-128 Lara & Anthony-135 Lara & Anthony-139 Lara & Anthony-144 Lara & Anthony-147 Lara & Anthony-148 Lara & Anthony-151 Lara & Anthony-152 Lara & Anthony-158 Lara & Anthony-177 Lara & Anthony-180 Lara & Anthony-182 Lara & Anthony-187 Lara & Anthony-188 Lara & Anthony-197 Lara & Anthony-202 Lara & Anthony-206 Lara & Anthony-208 Lara & Anthony-210 Lara & Anthony-213 Lara & Anthony-216 Lara & Anthony-221 Lara & Anthony-226 Lara & Anthony-228 Lara & Anthony-236 Lara & Anthony-245 Lara & Anthony-247 Lara & Anthony-252 Lara & Anthony-256 Lara & Anthony-257 Lara & Anthony-271 Lara & Anthony-272 Lara & Anthony-282 Lara & Anthony-290 Lara & Anthony-291 Lara & Anthony-292 Lara & Anthony-302 Lara & Anthony-307 Lara & Anthony-316 Lara & Anthony-317 Lara & Anthony-322 Lara & Anthony-328 Lara & Anthony-329 Lara & Anthony-331 Lara & Anthony-334 Lara & Anthony-342 Lara & Anthony-344 Lara & Anthony-347 Lara & Anthony-349 Lara & Anthony-353 Lara & Anthony-356 Lara & Anthony-361 Lara & Anthony-369 Lara & Anthony-375 Lara & Anthony-381 Lara & Anthony-388 Lara & Anthony-389 Lara & Anthony-392 Lara & Anthony-396 Lara & Anthony-406 Lara & Anthony-413 Lara & Anthony-416 Lara & Anthony-427 Lara & Anthony-429 Lara & Anthony-438 Lara & Anthony-441 Lara & Anthony-445 Lara & Anthony-462 Lara & Anthony-466 Lara & Anthony-467 Lara & Anthony-477 Lara & Anthony-479 Lara & Anthony-482 Lara & Anthony-485 Lara & Anthony-492 Lara & Anthony-494 Lara & Anthony-498 Lara & Anthony-500 Lara & Anthony-503 Lara & Anthony-510 Lara & Anthony-513 Lara & Anthony-515 Lara & Anthony-518 Lara & Anthony-519 Lara & Anthony-520 Lara & Anthony-527 Lara & Anthony-529 Lara & Anthony-531 Lara & Anthony-538 Lara & Anthony-545 Lara & Anthony-551 Lara & Anthony-554 Lara & Anthony-558 Lara & Anthony-560 Lara & Anthony-564 Lara & Anthony-571 Lara & Anthony-573 Lara & Anthony-578 Lara & Anthony-579

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